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to be the next snazzy boba drink shop!

In most of Taiwan's urban neighborhoods, you will inevitably run into boba stores at every street corner. A little over 3 year ago, Rabbit Rabbit Tea opened its doors in Taipei and broke the long-established mold of boba shops.  Rabbit Rabbit Tea’s take on combining well-known teas from around the world with unique taste and design acquired a loyal following and ever-growing customer base. Today, Rabbit Rabbit Tea has more than 23 stores in Taiwan.


There are countless boba tea stores in Taiwan, and it's hard for any single one to stand out.  Rabbit Rabbit Tea uses bold colors and design to accentuate its brand. Our rabbit mascot is a bit of American, a bit of rock, and a bit of industrial. Fang Yi-sheng, Rabbit Rabbit’s founder, got into the boba tea business because he wanted to pioneer new ways of tea consumption and tea culture presentation.  Despite opposition from his family and friends, it was imperative to follow his passion in food, decoration, and design.


With years of experience in food and beverage management, Fang Yi-sheng has built a successful brand to attract consumers, and kept returning customers with the pure deliciousness of the our tea drinks.  Unlike most other boba tea shops that offer the most basic black, green, and Oolong teas, Rabbit Rabbit Tea offers up to nine different tea bases to produce up to 50 different flavors of drinks such as Thai milk tea, Japanese buckwheat milk tea, tiramisu milk tea...etc.  Many of these flavors are seasonal, making it fun for customers to try something new and tasty all year round. Rabbit Rabbit tea continues to develop new drinks and explore possibilities for boba milk tea. As boba continues to grow and become mainstream, there is an increasing recognition of health benefits of tea around the world backed by health studies.


Rabbit Rabbit Tea is expanding its international presence in California, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, and New York.

About our


Haven't got a chance to try the Rabbit Rabbit Tea special selected signature white boba yet?  They are.....


         Chewy enough, but not too sticky

         Flavorful, but not too sweet

         Nor too hard, nor too soft

Give it a try, then you'll love it as we do.  It's one of the many reasons why we brought them from Taiwan to California, and introduce them to you for sharing the wondering surprising pearls that we found in our home town. 

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