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Rabbit Rabbit Tea

We are a team of female techies from Silicon Valley who just needed a daily fix of boba tea.  With each sip, we steadily gained appreciation of the health benefits and culture values of tea.  This developed into a passion for traditional art of tea brewing fusing with modern mixologist techniques.  After an extensive tour in Asia and countless tastings, we are bringing our favorite boba tea brand Rabbit Rabbit Tea to California!

Rabbit Rabbit Tea is dedicated to bringing you the most delightful boba tea experience!  It all starts with sourcing a wide variety of high quality tea leaves. As you step into our tea shop you will be greeted with playful ambiance and customer service.  Our baristas will craft each drink carefully with the most refreshing and delicious ingredients. You will love our drinks!




Assam Black


Origin: India, Sri Lanka

Degree of fermentation: 100%

Baking degree: 20%

Water color: Red brown
Flavor: Sweet caramel

Characteristics: Sri Lankan mountain pure black tea flavor with rich black tea aroma. It is a combination of two kinds of Assam tea leaves which were produced in different regions. It creates a natural sweet aroma, and is even richer and smoother when made into a milk tea.


English Earl Grey


Origin: India, Sri Lanka

Degree of fermentation: 100%

Baking degree: 20%

Water color: Reddish brown

Flavor: Pure bergamot flavor

Characteristics: It is prepared by professional tea masters and is based on Ceylon flavored black tea. It is smoked with bergamot and spices. The fragrance is elegant and supple. It is suitable for blending into fresh milk tea.

Golden Xinchuan


Origin: Taiwan

Degree of fermentation: 15-20%

Baking degree: 0%

Water color: yellow-green, golden yellow

Flavor: Milky, floral, actively sweet

Characteristics: The tea is sweet, smooth and refreshing, also has some rich and long-lasting milky tastes. There is a delicate floral and sweet fruit aroma aftertaste.


Iron Buddha

Origin: Taiwan

Degree of fermentation: 50%

Baking degree: 100%

Water color: Ink black

Flavor: Roasted with ripe fruits, thick and rich texture

Characteristics: Oolong tea is baked at low temperature for a long time. The original taste of the tea is converted into a thick ripe fruit tea aroma through the baking. It creates a natural and rustic odor; the flavor after the long simmering is even more emphasized when mixed with fresh milk.

Jade Green


Origin: Taiwan

Degree of fermentation: 0%

Baking degree: None

Water color: Emerald green, bright green

Flavor: Jasmine, grassy scent

Features: Aroma is not pungent, tea is calming and has a refreshing floral taste.



Japanese Buckwheat


Origin: Taiwan

Degree of fermentation: 0%

Baking degree: 30%

Water color: Golden translucent

Flavor: Fried roasted cereal

Characteristics: Japan's popular healthy tea for many years, using 100% natural buckwheat produced in Taiwan, high in nutritional value, went through a unique expansion technology and slowly roasted to produce a special wheat scent, full of aroma, no caffeine and no artificial additives. Taste the original flavor of nature’s gift.

Mountain Sprout


Origin: Taiwan

Degree of fermentation: 40%

Baking degree: 30%

Water color: Yellow green

Flavor: Floral and warm rice aroma

Characteristics: The four season spring tea brings a unique floral aroma. The special tea baking chef uses the low temperature baking method to make the tea's flavor last longer and more unique. After brewing, the color of the tea shows a clear shimmer, with the long-lasting aroma, and it is excellent with fruits or by itself.

Thai Tea


Origin: Thailand

Degree of fermentation: 70%

Baking degree: 40%

Water color: Dark brown

Flavor: Tea with heavy baking

Characteristics: Darker-baked tea, blended with Thailand's unique spices, has a unique tea flavor, suitable for combination with fresh milk products.

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